CoE Alumni worldwide - 2018 Meeting of Alumni Regional Groups & the Alumni Association

We are glad to enclose some pictures of our kick-off meeting last Thursday (Oct 4th). As advanced, we have organized 8 couples and will be working on this mentoring program from Madrid, Sevilla and Brussels. Our mentees are young female recent graduates and our mentors are senior anciens (over 20 years seniority). Our program will last till March 28th 2018 and we will be accompanied by two experts who will follow up our developments.

We will have an intermediate update session on January 31st and the wrap-up session March 28th 2018. This is the first initiative we have launched in this Spanish anciens network.

We want to develop other initiatives intended to foster European values and empower European drivers.

For any further information, please contact Inés García-Pintos Balbás


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