Launching event of the EUNIC project “For the new European social contract” at the House of the European History: “Security vs. Privacy”

We are proud to be a partner of the recently launched series of panel discussions, led by EUNIC, a group of cultural instituted in Brussels, initiated by Alliance française and its Director, Jean-Claude Crespy.

The first panel on “Security vs. Privacy” recalled many features of our daily life, since recently and speakers from Spain, Finland and France, struck a good balance, between critical assessment (unfortunately, less privacy does not bring more security…), way forward and how to approach this new challenge of data.

The famous GDPR was not missing either and was seen as something that influenced. Looking at practical measures how to take up this new reality, training and (self-) awareness were identified as key elements in giving technology a positive role, whilst keeping an important degree of control over our privacy. We were happy to see the great interest and participation at this series of events and reflection over the New European Social Contract, a theme which is dear to us as well, and look forward for the second panel discussion: "Identites and Communities" on 5 December which will take place at the House of Europan History - rue Belliard 135, 1000 Brussels.

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