Welcome & presentation of the Alumni Association to the Veil promotion

Sep 21, 2017


As it became a well-established tradition, the Alumni Association of the College of Europe, represented by its President, Michaela Simakova, joined forces with the College Careers’ team and presented to the Veil promotions students, future alumni, its goals, activities and functioning.
The Alumni community supports the career activities of the College through dissemination of information, support and participation at its networking and career events, trainings and advertisement of career opportunities. As for the latter, the Association publishes regularly its job offers on its website and LinkedIn page, in addition to its Jobs and careers’ Newsletter that will resume soon again.
In particular, the students expressed their interest in the activities of different Alumni thematic groups, access to the Alumni Who’s Who tool as well as the upcoming Alumni Mentoring Programme that will be as of this autumn open to all College graduates. Further details are accessible on the Alumni website.
… And talking about the Alumni brand new website, a comprehensive video teaser/ manual on all the features and tools, which it offers to our Alumni e-community was presented to the students.
Your fellow classmates are not connected to our website yet? Spread the word and invite them to join us online just with a few clicks!

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