- Alumni Association Goodies Collection -

Mar 27, 2018

- Welcome to the College of Europe Alumni Association's Collection! -


College tie 100% silk with grey and white stripes // 22,50 EUR
College tie 100% silk with small white stripes // 22,50 EUR
College scarf 100% silk - striped design  // 22,50 EUR
College scarf 100% silk - plain design // 22,50 EUR
College leather key ring // 12,50 EUR
College navy blue umbrella // 10 EUR (NO DELIVERY)



All fees are included in the below prices. 

You are in the neighbourhood? Pick up your order straight away at the Association's Premises:

Rue Breydel, 40 - 1040 Bruxelles
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 9am-5pm and Wednesday 1pm-5pm

You will get your goods packed in branded College boxes
+ If you order 2 items, we will give you a navy blue branded College umbrella for free!

(IMPORTANT: to be picked up at the Association)

Thank you for supporting the Association!

Any Questions? Contact anciens@coleurope.eu


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