Best of luck to the Veil students at the Model United Nations in New York!

Natolin Delegation at the Model United Nations – New York 2018

A group of Natolin students is now in New York representing the College of Europe in Natolin at the Model United Nations 2018. The NY-NMUN competition is the largest university-level MUN in the world and involves around 6000 students from more than one hundred universities, schools and other academic institutions.

In the context of its ninth consecutive participation, the Natolin delegation is representing the Republic of Estonia, a member of the European Union and an avid advocate of global partnerships and effective multilateral cooperation.

Good luck to our students forming the Delegation of Estonia: Kristina CHELMAKINA, Víctor CORVERA DESCALZO, Diana ENDELADZE, Carsten GERARDS, Nicolas HEGER, Mikkel KELSTRUP, Jakub KUBICA, Agnieszka LALIK, Sheradh MAHAROOF, Kevin BROBY KRISTIANSEN, Krystyna POPOVA, Igor PRONOBIS, Séverin SCHNEPP, and Sabine Dorothea VOLK, as well as their mentors Marianna WYSOCKI and Paweł PUJSZO.

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