Participation du Collège d'Europe à la simulation du Parlement Européen de Montréal


Dear Alumni, 


We kindly appeal to your generosity regarding the participation of a College Delegation to the SPECQUE. It consists in the biggest French-speaking simulation of the European Parliament in the World and will take place in Montreal from July 29th until August 5th, with - among plenty of international students - four students from the Veil Promotion!

However, the transport expenses are 385€ individual participation fee and the College will not be able to finance it all. The students have started a fundraising campaign and already managed to gather 910€: They sent it to all students of the Veil promotion but they also thought about appealing to the generosity of previous promotions.

You will find below a letter of support from Rector Monar as well as a letter to explain the students' project.

Thank you! 

You College of Europe Alumni Association


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