CoE “Alumni in Competition” group - Launching Event

Jun 14, 2018

The first event of the CoE “Alumni in Competition” group took place on Wednesday (May 30th) at the lovely Piada Bar, just a short walk away from Place du Luxembourg in Brussels.

Four competition professionals shared their experience in the field, highlighting how their year at the College helped them get where they are now and what they expect form the newly formed alumni group.
The Q&A session that followed the four introductory speeches was a valuable source of inspiration for the group organisers, as many interesting ideas worth exploring came up during the discussion. The suggestions were both about the format (round tables) and topics (trade policy, private enforcement) of future events. Afterwards, the more than 70 people who attended the event had a chance to enjoy an informal networking session in the garden of the bar, as the event was blessed with great weather.

The Economist

Aleksandra Boutin (Compass Lexecon) pointed out that her College friends are wonderful partners for fascinating substantial discussions on competition policy. And it is these honest, thorough discussions, based on trust and the special College bond, that gave her the idea to set up the College of Europe Competition network – where such trust based discussions could have a wider impact. And where they could inspire a new generation of competition professionals to best serve the European consumer.

The Academic

Pablo Ibáñez Colomo (LSE) noted that in spite of the many discussions about competition issues in Brussels, there are not many occasions to have deep discussions. The group could in this sense be an innovative platform to look at some issues under a different light.

The Lawyer

According to Alfonso Lamadrid (Garrigues), no academic institution can affect your professional life as much as the College. The College’s broad perspective on EU law is something that really helped him during his career. As for his views on what the group can become, he mentioned that a mentoring programme targeted to aspiring competition professionals could be a great addition to the Brussels competition world. In general, the group should focus on making an impact especially on younger generations.

The Commission official

Nick Banasevic (European Commission) expressed his opinion on the potential added value of the new alumni group. Compared to more traditional competition-focused groups, it could be a more open and accessible forum aiming to get especially younger practitioners involved.

The team is very much looking forward to welcoming you to its next event in September!


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